Multi cylinder cone crusher series bronze accessories
Multi cylinder cone crusher series bronze accessories

Multi cylinder cone crusher series bronze accessories

Casting process:Centrifugal casting, sand casting, metal casting
Application:Mining, coal mining, machinery industry
Surface finish:Customisation
Material:Customised bronze alloys
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Product Description
Application Scenario
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Product Description
The bronze sleeve of the multi-cylinder hydraulic coning machine includes:
Ball bearing, moving cone upper bushing, moving cone lower bushing, eccentric sleeve bushing, thrust bearing, transmission shaft bushing
Bowl shaped tile:Also known as spherical bearing, it contacts the spherical surface at the bottom of the moving cone. The lubricating oil rises from the oil hole in the center of the main shaft of the rotating cone to the spherical surface of the moving cone and flows to the oil passage of the spherical bearing for lubrication. When the wear of the oil groove reaches 35%, it is necessary to replace the spherical bearing to ensure the normal operation of the crusher.
Moving cone upper bushing:Also known as floating bushing, it is installed on the moving cone and has two bronze sleeves, which are vulnerable and wear-resistant bronze parts of the equipment.
Moving cone lower bushing:Also known as the lower bronze sleeve of the body moving cone, it is installed on the moving cone to protect the body. There are two bronze sleeves, upper and lower.
Thrust bearing:Its function is to reduce the wear of parts, fix and protect large mechanical components.
Eccentric sleeve bushing:The function of the eccentric sleeve is to install it on the eccentric part of the crusher, including the bearing seat, eccentric sleeve, and eccentric sleeve. The eccentric sleeve sleeve is installed inside the eccentric sleeve, with multiple materials available.
Transmission shaft sleeve:Also known as pulley bronze sleeve, horizontal sleeve is installed at both ends of the transmission shaft of the crusher to drive the shaft to rotate.
Introduction Of Relevant Parameters
The Structure Of Self-Lubricating Wear-Resistant Bronze Bushing Is Very Simple, That Is, Punching Holes In The Bronze Bushing Substrate
Casting process Centrifugal casting, sand casting, metal casting
Application Mining, coal mining, machinery industry. 
Surface finish Customisation
Material Customised bronze alloys
Product Application Scenarios
The Structure Of Self-Lubricating Wear-Resistant Bronze Bushing Is Very Simple, That Is, Punching Holes In The Bronze Bushing Substrate
Application Scenarios
Application Scenarios
Application Scenarios
Quick Question And Answer
Bronze Bushing, Bronze Liner, Bronze Slide, Bronze Nut, Bronze Worm Gear, Bronze Slider And Other Bronze Alloy
Do you have requirements on quantity?
We can provide the quantity of drawings according to the customer, because there is a price advantage when there is a quantity, precisely because the quantity is mostly superior.
What material of copper do you have the most wear-resistant?
Also according to the customer with the frequency, performance, environment and other conditions to determine, generally we are recommended 555 such material.
Can we finish and deliver in a week?
Yes, there is no problem at all; the deadline is decided by the customer!
What kind of casting process can your company do?
Our company has many years of experience in casting machinery processing, with sand casting, centrifugal casting, metal casting, investment casting and other casting processes.
What are the commonly used materials?
Frequently made materials include: brass, tin bronze, lead bronze, aluminium bronze, phosphor bronze.
What kind of packaging do you use?
Depends on whether you are exporting or not, all export packaging is made of 15nm thickened non-fumigation boards, the domestic standard packaging is 10mm thin non-fumigation boards, the legs are solid wood, the domestic simple packaging is a cardboard box or grass rope winding.
What is your after-sales service commitment?
Our after-sales service commitment, the spot is shipped at that time, expedited 3 days delivery, normal about 20 days delivery, bulk about 20-30 days delivery, to ensure that the material, to ensure that the size, any problem free replacement or unconditional refund.
Customers want to expedite?
Our company's normal working period is 30 days, if you have special requirements, we can also discuss with the factory, with the time off work to expedite processing, expedited costs to talk to the customer. Depending on the circumstances of the expedited cost.