What are the difficulties in the production and casting of large brongze parts?

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Large bronze parts are usually 500 kilograms or even more than several tons. Because of their heavy weight and volume, ordinary manufacturers cannot make such bronze parts.
Large bronze pieces
We all know that a bronze part has to go through many procedures from the beginning to the end. The heavier it is, the more difficult it is to operate each procedure. Therefore, when making large bronze parts, you must find those powerful manufacturers. Some small factories will let others process them after they are made, so the production cost will definitely increase. Choosing a powerful manufacturer can save you a lot of costs. Dashan Nonferrous Metals is a manufacturer specializing in the production of large bronze parts. The largest bronze sleeve we have made is 10 tons. You must make an on-site inspection before purchasing large bronze parts, otherwise the cost will increase a lot.
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