What should be paid attention to when using composite bronze bushing

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What is a composite bronze bushing? Its definition is that two products of different materials are used together. The most common one is the composite bronze bushing with inner bronze and outer steel. There are many others. Since it is made into a composite bronze bushing, it must be used on special equipment. It is also a relatively precise part, so we should be cautious when using it. Regardless of the material of the bronze bushing, we need to operate according to the specifications. After all, the cost of any bronze part is higher than that of other materials. So what are the matters we should pay attention to when using composite bronze bushings:
Composite bronze bushing
Composite bronze bushing

1. Composite bronze bushings are generally bronze bushings inside and other metals outside, so we must ensure that the outer layer of material is not corroded. At this time, we must be careful not to touch the parts directly with our hands. The sweat on the hands is easy to corrode the outer layer of material. When we are not using it, we should apply a layer of mineral oil on the surface of the parts, which can effectively protect the parts from rust. When it is running, we must ensure hygiene and try not to contact water and some chemical corrosive items. We should roughly predict the degree of wear of the composite bronze bushing based on our experience. Don’t wait until it is damaged before replacing it, which will cause damage to the equipment.

2. When installing the composite bronze bushing, the environment must be kept clean. Some invisible dust entering the bushing will accelerate the wear of the bushing during rotation, increase vibration and noise.

3. Another point is that we often say that when installing, it should be handled with care. Do not press it hard, and do not use metal to knock it, which is easy to damage the bushing.

4. The composite bronze bushing should use equipment with relatively high accuracy to measure the fit around it to avoid large gaps.

5. Pay attention to its normal maintenance, so as to increase the service life of the composite bronze bushing. When any parts are damaged, what we have to do is to slow down the damage speed.

The precautions for the use of composite bronze bushings are collected for everyone. There are also some suggestions from our bronze bushing manufacturers. Please pay attention to our official website to keep abreast of some knowledge about bronze castings.
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