The function of copper bushing

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Fixing: When the gear shaft is moving, try not to allow it to shift in direction due to vibration. At this time, a copper bushing is needed to help fix it. The most important role of copper bushings in machinery is to fix the position. This is all the performance of copper bushings.
Sliding bearing: This is another role that copper bushings play in machinery. In order to reduce expenses and save costs, sliding bearings are needed at this time, and copper bushings have just this function. It mainly designs the thickness of the sleeve of the sliding bearing according to the axial direction of the bearing. In fact, the copper sleeve is a kind of sliding bearing. It can be used in environments where the rotation of the machine is relatively low and the clearance requirements are relatively high. Copper bushings operate instead of rolling bearings. The copper bushings produced by our company have good wear resistance and can be used for a long time, so to a large extent this can help them save costs.
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