The oil tank copper sleeve is different from your understanding

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The oil tank copper sleeve is a process that often needs to be processed in the production of copper sleeves. It is also divided into many types of oil tank copper sleeves. The distribution of the oil tank will also determine the price of the copper sleeve. The simpler the oil tank, the cheaper it will be. Don't think that the copper sleeve of the oil tank is a kind of protective bearing for the oil tank. This idea is completely wrong, and everyone must pay attention to it.
Some of the oil grooves of the oil groove copper sleeve are inside the copper sleeve, and some are outside the copper sleeve. We usually directly process the oil groove with a lathe milling machine or CNC lathe. Different processing techniques can be selected according to different oil tank forms.
How to process the internal lubricating oil groove of the oil groove copper sleeve? The specific method is that the thread pitch should be twice the length of the workpiece, the minimum speed, one positive and one negative thread each, and the thread joints should be fully optimized. Although the method looks very simple, it still requires some master craftsmen to process it. This is the difference between different lathes and CNC lathes. What ordinary lathes need is human operating experience and technology, while CNC requires the production of programs.
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