Copper sleeve casting electric furnace equipment

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Industrial electric furnace is a furnace powered by electricity for heating. The electric furnaces used in foundries are generally medium-frequency electric furnaces. The medium-frequency electric furnaces are composed of three parts, the power system, the water circulation system and the furnace body. Because the maintenance of electric furnaces is very difficult, the manufacturers usually come to repair them. It's different from the cupola we used before.
1. The melting process of the cupola furnace stone is melting in the electric furnace. This is the essential difference between the two furnace bodies. The effect is (not to mention the 5 major elements that must be controlled in the batching process), the batching must be controlled, the cupola furnace is not picky about the furnace materials, all can be used, trace elements have been burned during the melting process or filtered through conversation; the electric furnace cannot handle trace elements or difficult to control.
2. Oxides have no effect on the melting process of the cupola furnace, but the slag increases accordingly; electric furnaces are more sensitive to oxides. In addition to the increase in slag, they also have a great impact on the magnetic field required for heating, which will greatly increase the electrical energy loss.
3. Disadvantages of cupola furnace - the furnace charge is not easy to be too large, otherwise the phenomenon of shed material will occur
Electric furnace - the furnace charge should only be large enough to fit in.
It can be seen that the electric stove is very convenient to use. This is the progress of the times.
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