Development trend of bronze bushing bronze alloy processing technology

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The bronze alloy used in bronze bushings has made great progress in the industrial direction and has also achieved a certain position in my country's economic development.
bronze bushings

Driven by the stable and rapid development of the national economy and science and technology, my country's bronze bushing bronze processing industry has made a leap forward in recent years. At present, it has become a major producer and consumer of bronze processing materials in the world, and an important part of the world's bronze processing industry, which will have an important impact on the world's bronze processing industry.

On the existing basis, the development trend of my country's bronze processing technology is as follows.

① The bronze processing production process is developing in the direction of fast, energy-saving, material-saving, continuous, automated, and short-process. Among them, the continuous casting and rolling technology of plate and strip materials and bronze wire production will be further promoted and applied; the coiling technology of pure bronze tubes in pipe production will be promoted and applied in the production of bronze alloy pipes. Continuous extrusion technology in bar and profile extrusion production will also be further developed and applied.

② Small and medium-sized bronze processing enterprises and bronze processing technologies are developing in a diversified direction. The specialization of single-variety production will be more valued, such as tin-phosphor bronze strip production line, condenser tube production line, internal threaded tube and external fin production line, profile production line, welded tube production line, etc., which have become specialized production.

③ Due to the diversity of bronze processing materials, traditional processing methods, technologies, and equipment will continue to coexist with modern processing technology for a long time, but the level of single machines will be improved, and new processes, new technologies, and new methods will also be widely used. In particular, the research and development process of new products cannot be separated from small-scale experiments. Therefore, the current processing technology still has room for development.

④ The analysis, detection, and online inspection technologies of bronze processing will also develop rapidly, and product quality data recording and microcomputer processing in the production process are more urgent. Computer management technology for the production process of bronze processing materials will be rapidly popularized.

⑤ The high performance, high efficiency, and automation of production equipment will continue to be developed and researched, and serialized equipment manufacturing will also be increasingly valued by people.
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