Multi-cylinder cone crusher series

【Product category】:Multi-cylinder cone crusher series 【Product Profile】:The copper sleeve of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone machine includes: ball bearing, movable cone upper bushing, movable cone lower bushing, Eccentric sleeve bushing, thrust bearin... 【Tel】:+86 17719955658Welcome to inquire!

The copper sleeve of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone machine includes:
Ball bush, moving cone upper bushing, moving cone lower bushing, eccentric bushing bushing, thrust bearing, drive shaft bushing

The bowl-shaped tile, also known as the spherical tile, is in contact with the spherical surface at the bottom of the moving cone. The lubricating oil rises from the central oil hole of the moving cone spindle to the moving cone spherical surface, and flows to the oil passage of the spherical tile for lubrication. When the wear of the oil groove reaches 35% Need to replace the ball tile to ensure the normal operation of the crusher.

The upper bushing of the moving cone is also known as the floating bushing. It is installed on the part of the moving cone. There are two upper and lower copper sleeves. They are the wear-resistant copper parts of the equipment.

The moving cone lower bushing, also known as the body moving cone lower copper sleeve, is installed on the moving cone to protect the body. There are two upper and lower copper sleeves.

The role of the thrust bearing is to reduce the wear of parts, fix and protect the large mechanical parts.

The function of the eccentric bushing is to be installed on the eccentric part of the crusher, including the bearing seat, eccentric bushing and eccentric bushing. The eccentric bushing is installed inside the eccentric bushing, and the material is multi-selected.

The drive shaft sleeve, also known as the belt pulley copper sleeve, is a horizontal sleeve, which is installed at both ends of the drive shaft of the crusher to drive the shaft to rotate.

The above is the position of the copper sleeve of the single multi-cylinder crusher

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