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What is the material of oil-free wear-resistant bearings?

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What is the material of oil-free wear-resistant bearings?

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Oil-free wear-resistant bearing is a kind of self-lubricating bearing, which consists of four layers.
The mixture of PTFE and fibers is 0.01-0.03mm, which can form a good transfer film to protect the grinding shaft and provide the self-lubricating performance of the bearing. 2. Copper powder layer is 0.20-0.35 mm, which has good load-bearing capacity and wear resistance. Good thermal conductivity can transfer heat generated during the operation of bearings in time. Composite materials can infiltrate into the gap of copper powders and improve the bonding strength. 3. Low carbon steel provides good load-bearing performance and heat transfer function. 4. The copper/tin plating layer is 0.002mm, which makes it have better corrosion resistance.

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