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Similarities and Differences between Copper Sleeve and Beari

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Similarities and Differences between Copper Sleeve and Beari

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Copper sleeves and bearings have the same points in use: they both play a supporting or transitional role.
Differentiation: Copper sleeve can be made into  self-lubricating bearing. It is based on high strength copper alloy (CuZn25Al5, CuZn24Al6Fe3Mn4). According to the working conditions, holes are machined and filled with solid lubricant in a certain proportion in its working face. High strength copper alloy provides high load-carrying capacity and solid lubricant can be formed. Lower friction pairs. Under dry friction conditions, we design a pre-lubrication film on the bearing surface to ensure that the solid lubricant is transferred to the dual parts in the shortest time and an effective solid lubrication film is formed.
Bearing: Its bearing capacity is not as high as that of copper sleeve, but the bearing has a low sound and is suitable for high speed rotation.

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