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Detailed parameters of copper gears

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Detailed parameters of copper gears

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Detailed parameters
Product Name: Copper Gear
Material Brand: H59 National Standard Brass
Foundry method: centrifugal casting
Product Types: Wear-resistant Copper Gears, Hardness Copper Gears
Comprehensive introduction
Chemical Constituent
Copper and copper: 57.0-60.0
Zinc and Zinc: Allowance
Lead and lead: <0.5
Phosphorus P: <0.01
Iron and iron: <0.3
Sb: <0.01
Bismuth Bi: <0.003
Note: <1.0 (Impurities)
Mechanical properties
Tensile strength_b (MPa): > 500
Elongation rate (%): > 25
Note: Tensile mechanical properties of sheets
Heat treatment specifications: hot working temperature 730-820 C; annealing temperature 600-670 C

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