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the Application of coppe worm gear

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the Application of coppe worm gear

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Characteristic and Application
Wear-resistant copper gears, environmentally friendly and recyclable copper gears. Using excellent electrolytic copper as matrix and zinc ingot in proportion to national standard, wear-resistant copper alloy material is formed. This kind of copper alloy has good mechanical properties. It can be divided into ordinary brass and special brass according to the different kinds of alloying elements contained in the material. Ordinary brass is composed of copper and zinc, which is called ordinary brass. Special brass is made up of more than two elements, which are called special brass, such as lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron and silicon. In the processing of mechanical parts and spare parts of automation equipment, ordinary brass materials are generally used instead. Special brass is also used for precision machined parts with special requirements. Finally, according to the technical requirements of mechanical equipment parts drawings processing!

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