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What is the function of copper sleeve?

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What is the function of copper sleeve?

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There are many other functions of copper sleeve, such as: it is a versatile expert, not only can reduce shock, but also can resist corrosion, but also can be isolated from toxic media, increase the service life of bearings. However, it is mainly used for sliding bearings, it can use bearings to bear greater load, coupled with the lubrication oil, is the best partner of mechanical parts parts, especially large, heavy machinery applications. In order to keep the gear shaft moving without offset due to vibration, copper bushing is needed to fix it. So the important role of copper bushing in machine is fixing and positioning. Another function of copper bushing is the role of sliding bearing. In order to save cost, the thickness of bushing should be designed according to the axial load of bearing. In fact, copper bushing is also a kind of sliding bearing. It can be used to replace rolling bearings in some occasions where the speed is relatively low and the clearance requirement is relatively high. Copper axle sleeve is very wear-resistant and can be used for a long time, so the cost is saved to a large extent.

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