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What occasions are bushings commonly used?

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What occasions are bushings commonly used?

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Bushings, bushings and copper bushes are commonly used in steam turbine vehicles: tractors, combine harvesters, crop sprayers, bulldozers, graders and other construction machinery; in the automotive industry, they are used in power steering pumps, steering wheel thrust gaskets, disc brakes, shock absorbers, door hinges, wipers, chairs, and air valves. Solenoid valves, etc.
Office business machinery: photocopier, fax machine, printer, mail processor, etc.
Hydraulic components and valves: gear pumps, plunger pumps, vane pumps, ball valves, butterfly valves, cylinders, cylinders and other hydraulic components;
Household appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, cleaning machines, microwave ovens and fitness equipment, etc.
And other logistics machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, port machinery, mining machinery and forest machinery.

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