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Application of Sliding Bearing in Crusher

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Application of Sliding Bearing in Crusher

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Sliding bearing is the core component of cone crusher, which plays the role of power transmission, process action realization and material bearing impact. Therefore, the study of sliding bearing is of great significance in improving the overall performance of cone crusher. The sliding bearing of cone crusher in the present technology is composed of eccentric sleeve, copper sleeve and moving cone spindle. Among them, the gap between copper sleeve and moving cone spindle is large, which is easy to be damaged in the working process, and it is also composed of three core parts: eccentric sleeve, copper sleeve and moving cone spindle. The worn parts are the most serious.
Which sliding bearings play an important role in cone crusher? There are independent sliding bearings, such as spherical bearings (spherical bushes, also known as friction discs), thrust bearings (thrust element plates), bowl bushes, and other eccentric bushes used in eccentric bearings, horizontal bushes; inner bushes (taper bushes), outer bushes (straight bushes), eccentric bushes.

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