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China Factory Centrifugal Castings Bronze Bushings Witn Low

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China Factory Centrifugal Castings Bronze Bushings Witn Low

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China  Factory Centrifugal Castings Bronze Bushings Witn Low Price 
Hello, Dear customer!
If you need to buy bronze and brass parts, such as bushing, bearing, sleeve, mine crusher flange, marine propeller, etc., please send your requirements or drawings to Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd., or contact us at, thank you!
Material: bronze, nickel bronze, aluminum bronze, tin bronze, high lead bronze, brass, copper, etc
Process: sand casting or centrifugal casting, precision machining according to the drawing
Capacity: diameter 40 mm to 2000 mm; weight 0.1 kg to 5000 kg
Most of our bronze parts are exported   Italy, Australia,Us etc
Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. main products are: non ferrous metal casting processing series.
Non ferrous metal casting and processing series products are: various types of copper bushing, copper tile, copper worm wheel, copper slide plate, copper wire bus and other copper castings.
After more than 20 years of development, the production scale of the company has been further expanded. From ancient sand casting to centrifugal casting, various casting defects such as porosity, sand hole and low density have been solved. We have engaged in many years of machinery manufacturing, experienced senior professional and technical personnel, loyal service for new and old customers.

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