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China Customized CNC Machining Bronze Sleeve Bushings For M

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China Customized CNC Machining Bronze Sleeve Bushings For M

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China Customized CNC Machining Bronze Sleeve Bushings For Machine 
Product description
As the wear-resistant parts of mining equipment, copper bush has been widely used. It has high hardness, good wear-resistance, and is not easy to bite. It also has good casting performance and machinability. Common copper bush is well mastered in the processing, especially the super large copper bush is difficult to control the shrinkage, and it is easy to be processed and scrapped if not careful. This will give Enterprises bring great economic losses.
Production casting
1: Casting blank, when casting copper sleeve, each process must be carefully prepared. For example, the core should be placed in the right place when closing the box in sand casting, so as to avoid the eccentricity of the casting product caused by the core, which can not be processed according to the size, and the steel film should be preheated in advance when centrifugal casting.
2: Sand cleaning: this process is mainly for sand casting products. Before processing, first clean the casting, then get on the car, first calibrate, then get off the car when processing to the semi-finished products, and cool. Because copper has shrinkage, in order to meet the processing size, get on the car again when the workpiece is placed at room temperature for processing.
3: After the finished product, in order to prevent deformation, the sleeve can not be placed horizontally, but should be placed vertically. After the finished product, the copper sleeve is placed for 24 hours, then measure whether the size is in error (for better installation).
4: cleaning and packaging. Later, the copper sleeve should be cleaned. When the box is being struck, 10mm thick foam should be used between the copper sleeve and the packing box, so as to avoid the copper sleeve deformation caused by accidental collision during transportation.

Product specifications
Model No.:   Bronze  Bushing
Size : Customized
Material : copper  Alloy , Aluminum, Brass, etc.
Surface Treatment: Zinc, Silver, Nickel, Chrome, Tin, etc.
Accuracy : Accuracy of Machining :+/-0.01mm
  Accuracy of Grinding :+/-0.005mm
  Surface Roughness :Ra0.8
  Parallelism :+/-0.005mm
  Verticality :+/-0.005mm
  Concentricity : 0.003mm
Application : Automobiles, Motorcycle, Mechanical Equipment, etc.
Price : According to detail drawing from our customers

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