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China good quality bronze cooper bushing with Preferential p

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China good quality bronze cooper bushing with Preferential p

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China good quality bronze cooper bushing with Preferential price
Our company adopt advanced production process, centrifugal casting, copper bushing, bearing bush compared with sand mold casting can obviously improve the tightness, wear resistance, good tensile strength and tensile rate, flexion and extension, is not to the phenomenon of sand mold casting as the phenomenon such as sand hole, is the first choice for many kinds of form a complete set of machinery products.

Technical Specification for Bushing

Material CuZn39Sn
OD 12
ID 8
L 30
Fusing point(℃) 906
Specific heat capacity(0~100℃,KJ·kg-1K-1) 0.083
Heat conductivity(W·m-1·K-1) 116
Resistivity(20℃ ,Ω·m) 0.071
Cu Zn Pb Fe P Sb Bi Alt  
62.5 balance 0.08 0.15 0.01 0.005 0.002 0.5  

Application Features
1. The long-term use without maintenance;
2. Suitable for high static and dynamic bearing bearer;
3. have a very low coefficient of friction and smooth, no bite-axis phenomenon;
4. dust resistant, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and edge load capacity;
5. The metal substrate has a good shock-absorbing capacity;
6. can be used over a wide temperature range;
7. suitable for reciprocating, rotary, oscillating and start frequent and difficult to form a film of the occasion;
8. With lower wear rate, long service life;

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