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mining machinery parts metal sleeve bushing

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The shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part which is sleeved on the shaft, and it is an integral part of the sliding bearing. Generally speaking, the shaft sleeve and the bearing seat adopt interference fit, while the shaft adopts clearance fit.
Shaft sleeve refers to the sleeve on the propeller shaft or stern shaft. The bearing is the part which can fix and reduce the load friction coefficient in the process of mechanical transmission.
The same thing about the sleeve and the bearing is that they both bear the load of the shaft.
The difference between the two is that the shaft sleeve is an integral structure, when rotating, it is the relative movement between the shaft and the shaft sleeve; while the bearing is a split type, when rotating, it is the relative movement of the inner and outer rings of the bearing itself. But in essence, the shaft sleeve is actually a kind of sliding bearing.
The Bush is equivalent to the outer ring of the sliding bearing. The Bush is integral and the relative axis moves. Some of the bushes are divided and the relative axis rotates.
Common failure causes
During the long-term operation of the shaft sleeve, the journal surface will be permanently deformed due to the extrusion pressure of the expanding sleeve and the composite mechanical force, and its diameter will be reduced by 0.1mm ~ 0.3mm. Thus, the mechanical expansion fit strength can not reach the required tightening force, and the fit gap between the shaft sleeve and the main shaft occurs, which causes the wear of the shaft sleeve.
Latest fixes
With the development of advanced technology, such as polymer composite materials, some repair methods with high speed and low cost are favored. This method has also been introduced in China, such as the more mature Youfu blue 2211f material. The material has comprehensive mechanical properties, excellent adhesive force, temperature and corrosion resistance which can not be compared with traditional methods. The maximum compressive strength can reach 1200kg / cm2, and the adhesion (overlapping shear tensile test) on the smooth steel surface is 225 kg / cm2. So it can be used to repair the wear of large shaft sleeve. Moreover, the equipment does not need to be disassembled in a large scale, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources for the enterprise

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