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How to solve the temperature rise of copper bushing

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How to solve the temperature rise of copper bushing

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How to solve the problem of temperature rise of copper sleeve? We need to understand the reason of temperature rise of copper sleeve first, then we can know how to solve it. Today we will analyze how to do it one by one.
1、 The reason for the temperature rise of copper sleeve.
(1) The quality of the oil deteriorates, the oil itself is not clean, or the oil deteriorates during operation. If the water content in the oil increases, the acidity of the oil will increase, which will reduce the lubricating effect of the oil, corrode the bearing bush and cause the temperature of the bearing to rise
(2) Bearing cooling water interruption
2、 Exception found.
(1) The alarm went off
(2) The light panel on the turbine side plate is very bright, indicating that the temperature of the instrument indicating the bearing temperature rises and the signal relay works;
(3) The black pointer of thermometer dial (expansion thermometer) coincides with or exceeds the Yellow pointer;
(4) Send out fault signal of bearing temperature rise
3、 During the cooling treatment of copper sleeve, first ensure that it is not an operation error, and confirm that it is correct. The following treatment shall be carried out:
(1) Check whether the cooling water pressure, water flow and piping system are normal. If the water pressure is low, the filter may be clogged. If it cannot be handled in time, it can be stopped. When it is confirmed that it can work, it can be put into use again;
(2) The oil pressure of the governor should be checked. If the oil pressure is low, the cooling water hydraulic valve may be closed;
(3) Check whether the bearing has abnormal sound and whether the bearing swing is abnormal;
(4) Take the oil sample to observe whether the color of the oil changes, and carry out laboratory test to see whether it is deteriorated. If it is confirmed that it is deteriorated, stop replacing the machine with new oil;
(5) Check whether the oil level of the oil mark is normal. If not, check whether the drain valve of oil tank is closed tightly. If it is closed tightly, the oil shall be replenished; if the rubber gasket leaks oil, the treatment shall be stopped.
The above are some solutions to the problem of copper sleeve temperature rise. If there are any other problems, please contact our customer service in time and provide 24-hour online service for you

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