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Requirements for oil-free standard copper sleeve as friction

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Requirements for oil-free standard copper sleeve as friction

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The requirements for oil-free standard copper sleeve as friction surface are all those. We need to understand these specific requirements to know what kind of copper sleeve we need. Today, I will introduce in detail the requirements of oil-free standard copper sleeve (graphite copper sleeve) as friction surface
As a self-lubricating product of solid lubricant such as graphite or molybdenum disulfide, copper sleeve is embedded with orderly arranged holes with proper size on the friction surface of metal matrix. Generally, solid lubricants account for 20-30% of the friction surface area. The lubrication principle of the self-lubricating bearing is that during the sliding friction between the shaft and the bearing, some graphite particles are transferred to the friction surface between the shaft and the bearing to form a relatively stable solid lubrication diaphragm to prevent the direct adhesive wear between the shaft and the bearing. This reasonable combination combines the performance advantages of metal alloy and non-metal antifriction materials, and complements each other, that is, the high bearing capacity of metal and the lubrication performance of antifriction materials are obtained. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for no fuel and less fuel.

So it is not close enough in the production process. In the manufacturing process, we must pay attention to what we should do. The first point is that in every process of manufacturing copper sleeve, it must be thoroughly cleaned so that the residue remains in the pore solution and affects the following methods. Second, in the use of precoating, their components must always swing left and right to achieve the same effect, so as to obtain uniform coating color. Due to silver, sometimes spots that prevent this phenomenon can produce an appearance that affects the quality of the coating. Third, we all know about the actual surface area of the copper sleeve. The calculated surface area is relatively large, and the effect of electroplating current density is three times larger than that of the pre coated part of the general parts. From this point of view, you should understand it.

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