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Introduction of sintering machine copper - set smelting

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Introduction of sintering machine copper - set smelting

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Many manufacturers need to know the introduction of sintering machine copper sleeve smelting. As a foundry, it is necessary to know the corresponding production environment of various types of copper sleeve.
The sintering machine is suitable for the sintering operation of large iron and steel metallurgical sintering plant. It is the main equipment in the process of air flow sintering. It can sinter concentrate powder and rich ore powder of different composition and particle size into blocks, and partially eliminate harmful impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus in ores. The sintering machine is divided into several specifications with different length and width according to the sintering area.
The single roll crusher is an important part of the sintering machine, which is responsible for feeding 85% of the large lime powder screened by jaw crusher and roll crusher into the flux bin, and participating in batching after weighing, feeding and digestion. Heavy duty, the copper sleeves of sintering machine produced by Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. are all hot cast, with copper content more than 60%. We have strict production and processing experience from centrifugal casting to final product delivery. Welcome to the factory for on-site inspection!

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