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How is the defect of copper sleeve inspected and protected

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How is the defect of copper sleeve inspected and protected

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Copper sleeve is often used in mechanical equipment. Once damaged, it will have a certain impact on mechanical equipment, resulting in increased friction between equipment components, resulting in more serious wear, not only affecting the working efficiency of the equipment, but also greatly affecting the service life. How to inspect and protect copper sleeve defect?
1、 Copper sleeve operation inspection.
In the process of daily inspection, the copper sleeve must also be inspected. The main content of the inspection is to use the needle listening tool to check whether the equipment is jammed, noisy and running smoothly. The temperature can be measured with a thermometer, or the shell temperature of the copper sleeve bearing can be manually touched to see whether it is within the numerical requirements of the technical specification of the controllable measurement range.
2、 Protection for copper sleeve installation.
The purpose of copper sleeve bearing sealing is to prevent dust. Water enters the bearing to prevent the loss of lubricating oil. Before assembling the bearing with the shaft, measure the outer diameter of the shaft and the inner diameter of the bearing to avoid over tightening and over loosening. Too tight assembly is easy to make the oil gap smaller and the bearing temperature higher. If the assembly is too loose, the bearing will enter the inner or outer sleeve, causing damage to the shaft and bearing. When assembling the bearing, it is strictly forbidden to knock directly with a hammer to avoid damaging the copper sleeve. Copper rod or sleeve can be used for transition.
The above is how to inspect and protect the copper sleeve defects, which seems very simple and is also the place where people often make mistakes. However, we should try our best to avoid such a mistake, because once there is a mistake, the bearing is easy to be damaged, thus affecting the work.

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