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Material selection of wear-resistant copper sleeve

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Material selection of wear-resistant copper sleeve

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A good copper sleeve is usually said to be wear-resistant, pressure resistant, long service life, free of casting defects such as pores, sand holes, cracks, etc.
Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional casting and processing wear-resistant copper castings manufacturer, often made of tin bronze, lead bronze, aluminum bronze and so on.
Tin bronze: the copper base alloy with tin as the main alloy element is called tin bronze. Tin bronze is widely used in shipbuilding, chemical industry, machinery, instrument and other industries. It is mainly used to make wear-resistant parts such as bearings, shaft sleeves, spring and other elastic components, as well as corrosion-resistant and anti-magnetic parts. It has high strength, elasticity, wear-resistant and anti-magnetic. It has good pressure processing performance in hot and cold state, and is good for electricity Spark has high fire resistance, weldability and fiber welding, and good machinability. The main brands are zcusn6zn6pb3, zcusn10pb5, zcusn5zn5pb5, etc.
Lead bronze: the copper base alloy with lead as the main alloy element is called lead bronze, which has high antifriction and good machinability, and is easy to be welded and brazed. It has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water, so it can only be processed under pressure in the cold state. Because of the hot working with lead, it is easy to lead to hot embrittlement, so it can be used to make bearings working under the friction condition. The tin bronze of crimped shaft sleeve is added with zinc and lead alloy elements Alloy copper, with high antifriction and good machinability, is easy to be welded and brazed. Its main brands are pb15sn7, pb20sn5, pb10sn10, etc.
Aluminum bronze: the copper base alloy with aluminum as the main alloy element is called aluminum bronze. The mechanical properties of aluminum bronze are higher than those of brass and tin bronze. The aluminum content of aluminum bronze used in practice is between 5% and 12%, and the aluminum bronze containing 5% and 7% aluminum has the best plasticity, which is suitable for cold working. When the aluminum content is more than 7% ~ 8%, the strength increases, but the plasticity decreases sharply, so it is often used as cast or after hot working. Aluminum bronze has higher wear resistance and corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, sea water, sea water carbonic acid and most organic acids than brass and tin bronze. Aluminum bronze can be used to manufacture gear, shaft sleeve, worm gear and other high-strength wear-resistant parts and high corrosion-resistant elastic components. The main brand is ZCuAl10Fe3

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