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Common sense of self-lubricating small copper sleeve

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Common sense of self-lubricating small copper sleeve

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The method of copper sleeve bearing refers to the use of copper sleeve bearing type for fan of air-cooled radiator. In mechanical engineering, there are many types of copper sleeve bearings, but several are used in radiator products: sliding conflict of copper sleeve and friction of rolling ball copper sleeve bearing and mixed application of three bearing sleeves by two copper sleeve bearings. In recent years, new technologies of radiator manufacturers have been introduced into copper sleeve bearings, such as magnetic bearing copper sleeve, copper sleeve bearing, water core copper sleeve bearing and rich copper sleeve bearing. The basic methods of copper sleeve bearing have also been improved, and the operation principle has not changed. Air cooled radiators usually use oil-bearing copper sleeve bearings and ball sleeve bearings.
The ball copper sleeve bearing changes the conflict method of the copper sleeve bearing and selects the rolling friction. This method is more useful to reduce the conflict between the bearing surfaces of the copper sleeve, improve the service life of the copper sleeve bearing of the electric fan, and extend the service life of the radiator. The defect is that the technology is more disorderly, which leads to cost promotion and higher noise.
Oil bearing copper sleeve is a sleeve copper sleeve bearing with sliding conflict. It uses lubricating oil as lubricant to reduce the blocking agent. In the early stage, the production cost of using driving noise is also low. However, the copper sleeve bearing is worn and the severe air ball bearing copper sleeve has a large distance. And if the copper sleeve bearing is used for a long time, the reason for the oil seal (computer heat dissipation products can't use high-grade oil seal, usually paper oil seal), the lubricating oil slowly evaporates, and the dust will also enter the copper sleeve bearing, then the fan's speed is late, the noise increases and so on. Strictly at the same time, the wear of the copper sleeve bearing causes the fan to cause a sensation and intense preference. These appearances appear, sealed, to be refueled, or new fan screens are sold separately.

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