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Copper Casting Factory

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Copper Casting Factory

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The company has complete processing equipment and strong technical force. It has advanced vertical and horizontal centrifugal casting machine and sand casting. The diameter and length of centrifugal machine can reach 2000 mm and 2000 mm. The casting can reach about 3 tons and 40 grams. At the same time, according to different customer requirements, bronze, tin bronze, aluminium bronze, brass axle bushing, copper turbine, copper rod, copper bushing, copper bushing, copper plate and copper rod products can be produced in accordance with DIN 1498, BS EN 1982-2008, ASTM B505 and China GB/T1176-1987 standards. All products are based on electrolytic copper. Material, the main supporting industries of all kinds of products include automobiles, motorcycles, all kinds of hydraulic machinery, ship machinery, cement machinery, metallurgical machinery, forging machinery, oil field machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, power facilities, etc. Processing equipment includes various types of horizontal lathe, vertical lathe, planer, milling machine, drilling machine, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine and so on. Among them, new equipment accounts for more than 90%, which provides reliable guarantee for product processing, is good at processing complex technology, and provides aspects and saves processing costs for direct end-users.

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