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worm gear Processing Technology

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worm gear Processing Technology

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The quality of copper turbine design machine tool castings affects the bronze casting process. In addition to working and performance of metal materials to determine the geometric size and size of machine tool castings, the design and characteristics of casting alloys are reasonable to eliminate size effect, solidification shrinkage, stress and so on, in order to avoid or reduce the isolation, deformation, cracks and other defects of copper turbines.
The quality of copper casting is affected. Weight and size structure, castings, casting alloy properties and production conditions, choose the right type and style, make the core method, proper casting bar, chill, rising and pouring system, etc. In order to ensure high quality castings. There may be an example of the overall level of development and production of machine tool castings, machine tools and copper turbine equipment that do not improve their quality, and ultimately our machine tool equipment manufacturing industry is competitive in the international market. Machine tool castings, so as to ensure the overall improvement of the quality of machine tool manufacturing level.

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