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Effective measures to reduce the wear of crushing equipment

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Effective measures to reduce the wear of crushing equipment

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Although the quality of the crusher has been greatly improved compared with that before, but because of the bad working environment in actual production, the material hardness in direct contact with the machine and other factors, it is inevitable that the daily loss of the crusher equipment is serious. In the daily use process of the crusher equipment for correct maintenance is very necessary. According to this problem, several measures are put forward to reduce the wear of crushing equipment.

  1. Strictly control the coarse particle size and iron inclusion

  Generally, jaw crusher or circular cone crusher is used for coarse crushing. Before raw ore is put into operation, crushing shall be carried out generally and the particle size shall not exceed 600mm. In this way, in order to effectively control the particle size, 600mmx600mm mesh screen shall be installed at the crushing population for effective control. If the particle size is controlled, the bearing force of jaw breaking will be reduced, which can effectively protect the jaw plate and prevent the truck from being broken.

  In general, the company has iron remover installed at the discharge outlet of Ezhou crusher to prevent hard iron tools such as poles and shovel teeth from entering into the intermediate crusher due to the fact that the intermediate crusher equipment and lining plate are more than 5 times of the coarse crusher. At the same time, the Ezhou crusher is coarse in eating and discharging, which has little impact on the lining plate. However, it is necessary for the crusher to take care of the iron picking at the discharge outlet.

  2. Increase the slope of buffer bin and material transportation channel

  Generally, the influencing factors of the friction coefficient of the crusher are: the property, speed and temperature of the material, load, vibration and finish. What we can change is the material and load. As long as we change the slope of the buffer bin or the material transportation channel, increase the obliquity 9 to reduce the positive pressure, the friction force F = tg9 will be reduced in a disguised way, so as to reduce the wear of the metal wall and increase the friction Service life, but this must be modified when conditions permit.

  3. On the metal wall through which the material passes, nail a layer of polyurethane plate to increase the service life of the metal wall

  In the case that the buffer slope of crusher cannot be adjusted, in addition to increasing the hardness of steel plate, we can nail a layer of polyurethane protective plate with the thickness of 20 mm on the wall of the bin. According to the conclusion of the national reaction injection molding Engineering Technology Research Center (the factors influencing the friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomer), "hardness has a great influence on the friction coefficient of polyurethane elastomer. Generally, hardness The lower the friction coefficient, the smoother the surface and the smaller the friction.

  Because the iron mine has high hardness, the polyurethane surface is smooth and elastic, which can effectively protect the buffer bin wall and reduce damage

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