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Life and Feasibility of Copper Bearing Bush

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Life and Feasibility of Copper Bearing Bush

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Life and Feasibility of Copper Bearing Bush
Selection of copper bearing bush location and use conditions and environmental conditions ensures accuracy, combined with the premise of life and feasibility of bearing rotary ring and wheel bearing.
1. By using this website: tapered roller bearings are suitable for bearing radial and axial combined loads. Usually there are two sets of matching bearings, mainly in front and rear wheels, driving bevel gears, sleeves, gearboxes and other transmission parts.
2. Permissible speed: The copper bearing bush installed in the environment is correct and good lubrication, allowing 0.3-0.5 times the rotation speed limit. Normally, the upper speed limit is 0.2 times that at the most appropriate time.
3. Permissible inclination angle: Tapered roller bearings generally do not allow inclined shaft and shell holes, such as inclination, up to 2'.
4. Permissible temperature: Lubricants and lubricants with normal load and high temperature resistance under suitable conditions are usually allowed to wear at ambient temperature of 30 C-150.
Running on the computer to check the status, bearing as the focus, and are ready for program transformation has become increasingly important. Because it is all the most important parts of rotating machinery for condition monitoring, in order to prevent slewing support, wheel bearing damage, maintenance equipment, in order to prevent the unplanned downtime early detection of bearing damage caused by an important part of the home during the period.

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