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How to solve the blocking problem of crusher!

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How to solve the blocking problem of crusher!

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  The blocking of crushing machine makes the enterprise very sleepy, and there are different solutions for blocking of different crushers. This paper introduces the application of the rotary crusher in the limestone crushing production line. The primary crushing of the limestone crushing production line is the rotary crusher. In the first few months of trial production, the crusher will be shut down for more than four hours every day due to blocking of crusher, which seriously affects the positive of the enterprise Regular production, not normal production, means economic loss, and then according to careful observation and analysis, find solutions.

  See Figure 1 for crushing process of crusher. The main reason for blocking material tripping is that there are too many materials in the lower chamber of the crusher, which can not be discharged, and the motor is overloaded and tripped because it can stand against the moving cone. Generally, there are two situations that cause the tripping: ① the crusher has a high output and the plate conveyor can't be pulled away; ② the downstream equipment trips and the crusher continues to break. Once this happens, the materials in the crushing chamber must be cleaned out before starting the machine, which takes time and effort. Generally, it takes at least 3 to 4 hours to complete.

  In order to prevent blocking, we have taken a variety of solutions and finally used sound and light (alarm bell and light) indicators to direct the dumping, with good results. Because the running current of the heavy-duty plate conveyor under the crusher has a good correlation with the amount of materials in the lower chamber, and each time the material in the lower chamber causes the crusher to trip and stop, the current of the plate conveyor exceeds a fixed peak value (38 A), and the no-load current is also a fixed value (18 A).

  Therefore, according to the current characteristics of the plate conveyor, the solution is made. That is to say, an electric bell and an alarm flashing light are installed at the crusher feeding port, which are directly connected with the relay in the electrical cabinet. When the plate conveyor reaches a set current value (such as 33a), the relay is closed, the alarm light starts to flash, and the electric bell rings. If the downstream equipment trips and stops and the current of the plate conveyor is zero, the audible and visual alarm will also give a prompt. After receiving the alarm, the miner will stop dumping to prevent blocking.

  The set alarm current value of the plate conveyor shall be appropriate, neither too low nor too high. Too low crushing chamber will often break the material, and the stone will hit the plate conveyor; if the setting is too high, the volume of material in the lower chamber is too much, and the buffer space is not enough, if the downstream equipment fails, it is easy to lead to the blocking of the crusher. The practice shows that the 33A setting value not only ensures the continuous and stable discharge of the crusher, but also leaves enough buffer space for the lower chamber of the crusher, which can effectively prevent blocking.

  The method is simple, reliable and low cost. Since its implementation, the crusher has never been blocked again, at the same time, it also reduces the labor burden of workers and improves the production efficiency of the crusher. The enterprise has been put into production quickly, the plugging material has been solved, and the benefit is good. For this method, it is only for reference. Please decide how to deal with it according to the actual situation!

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