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the application of hydraulic technology

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the application of hydraulic technology

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 In recent ten years, the application of hydraulic technology in crusher equipment has been further developed. At present, it mainly focuses on the application of hydraulic principle to adjust the ore discharge opening and insurance. Thus, it overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional crusher, such as the difficulty in adjusting the ore discharge opening and the poor reliability of the safety device.

  At present, the spring hydraulic medium fine crushing cone crusher used in some production and concentration plants in China is a locally improved product based on the spring cone crusher. In structure, hydraulic locking cylinder and hydraulic driving cylinder are mainly added. The former is used to fix the supporting ring and adjusting ring (i.e. lock the fixed cone); the latter is used to adjust the ore discharge opening. Its safety device still uses the spring safety device. The bottom single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can be used as the development direction of the hydraulic cone crusher. Through the increase or decrease of the oil quantity in the oil cylinder, the movable cone will rise or fall, so as to adjust the ore discharge port.

  The overload insurance function of the machine is achieved by the piston accumulator connected with the high-pressure oil circuit under the piston of the hydraulic cylinder. It is filled with nitrogen (50-60 kg / cm2) whose pressure is higher than that required for normal crushing. When the iron block or other non crushing materials pass through the crushing chamber, the oil pressure in the high-pressure oil circuit is greater than the pressure of nitrogen in the accumulator, then the oil enters the rosette, the crushing cone drops, the ore discharge opening increases, the non crushing materials are removed, and the machine reaches the safety level. The bottom single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient operation and automatic control. It is a kind of hydraulic crusher with better performance. It can be used for medium and fine crushing of hard ore. The use of hydraulic technology not only overcomes the shortcomings of the adjustment of the ore discharge port of the crusher, but also improves the production capacity of the crusher equipment, which has excellent performance for crushing medium hard and hard ore.

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