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Brief introduction of copper casting

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Brief introduction of copper casting

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 Many structural parts and main parts of copper castings are made of castings, which are closely related to the quality and accuracy of copper. The quality of copper castings has a crucial influence on the quality, service life and accuracy persistence of the machine tool

  Copper casting can also be used in valves, speakers, injection molding machines, water pipes, etc.. Castings can be classified into steel castings, cast iron castings, copper castings, aluminum castings, copper castings, etc. according to different metal data. And each kind of casting can be further divided into different varieties according to its chemical composition or metallographic structure. For example, iron castings can be divided into gray iron castings, malleable iron castings, alloy iron castings, etc.; according to different molding methods, castings can be divided into ordinary sand castings, metal castings, die castings, ceramic castings, electroslag remelting castings, bimetal castings, etc. Among them, the common sand casting is the most widely used, accounting for 80% of the total casting output. The aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other non-ferrous metal castings are mostly die castings.

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