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Requirements for temperature resistance of copper bushing

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Requirements for temperature resistance of copper bushing

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  The copper sleeve has certain mechanical strength, which can meet the construction requirements. Generally, its compressive strength shall be ≥ 0.3MPa. Non toxic, non corrosive to metal. The content of combustible and moisture is very little, so it is easy to be processed and formed.

  Copper sleeve insulation is usually applied by wrapping a layer of insulation material on the equipment or pipeline. In order to ensure the long-term and reliable use of the insulation material, a protective layer is added outside the insulation layer.

  1. Requirements for thermal insulation materials.

  Good heat preservation performance. Thermal conductivity is the most important property of thermal insulation materials. As thermal insulation materials, the smaller the thermal conductivity is, the better. The thermal conductivity of thermal insulation materials mainly depends on the size and distribution of air bubbles or air layers, and has little relationship with the solid properties of thermal insulation materials.

  2. For the requirements of the protective layer, in order to use it reliably for a long time, a protective layer is usually added outside the thermal insulation layer, and the requirements for the protective layer are as follows:

  1) good waterproof performance.

  2) good compressive strength, generally no less than 80MPa, not easy to burn.

  3) the thermal conductivity at 50 ℃ shall not exceed 0.33w / (M? K).

  4) it is not easy to crack or peel under the condition of temperature change or vibration.

  5) there are few combustibles or organics, which should not be more than 10% in general.

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