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Causes of surface oxidation of copper castings

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Causes of surface oxidation of copper castings

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 Do not think that the oxide film interlayer formed on the copper casting will be beneficial to the whole product. In fact, on the contrary, the formation of oxide film interlayer will have a lot of negative effects on the copper casting, such as porosity on the surface of the casting, mechanical properties of the casting, etc. How to prevent the formation of such substances?

  1. The interlayer of oxide film can avoid the increase of porosity in copper casting

  When the metal liquid is oxidized, it will be found that there are a lot of thin film interlayer suspended in it, which is very unfavorable to the forming of copper casting. This is because there is a small amount of air in the interlayer oxide film. When the temperature is reduced, the oxide film of interlayer bubbles will generate hydrogen in vacuum, thus increasing the diffusion of bubbles, making a lot of pores on the casting.

  2. Oxide film interlayer will reduce the mechanical properties of copper castings

  In the static state, when the metal solution is filled into the cavity, the original oxide film interlayer is extruded into small pieces. Once there are a large number of small flakes of oxide film between the layers, it is equivalent to cutting the metal matrix, resulting in the mechanical properties of copper castings decline.

  3. Measures to reduce oxide film interlayer in the production process of copper castings

  Through many experiments, the more effective way is the purification treatment of injection, which can remove the suspended and floating metal oxide film in the liquid. It should be noted that in the process of treatment, the air flow rate should be minimized, so as to control the damage within a small range and ensure the perfect forming of copper castings

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