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Graphite copper sleeve and common copper sleeve

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Graphite copper sleeve and common copper sleeve

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Yes, graphite copper sleeve is definitely better than ordinary copper sleeve!
Ordinary copper sleeves need to be continuously or regularly supplied with oil to ensure that they do not burn tiles or lock up in the state of oil supply.
Chenhan graphite copper sleeve is based on high strength copper alloy (also known as JDB solid inlay self-lubricating bearing), which is replaced by ordinary copper sleeve by solid lubricating material with special formula embedded in the matrix.
Graphite copper sleeve can be used in the environment of not easy to refuel, long-term oil shortage or no oil. It has the function of self-lubrication and maintenance-free, which makes up for the deficiency of regular refueling of common copper sleeve.
Graphite copper sleeve matches with optical axis and linear bearing matches with optical axis. The effect of linear bearing matches with optical axis is better.
The movement of graphite copper sleeve with optical axis belongs to sliding friction, and the friction resistance is relatively larger.
Linear bearing and optical axis are rolling friction, friction resistance is relatively small, it is more slippery and flexible. (Relevant Reading: Advantages of Using Graphite Copper Sheath)

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