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The Function of Bowl liner in Crusher

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The Function of Bowl liner in Crusher

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Shaped tile as the main component in the crusher
In the metallurgical industry, building materials industry, road building industry, chemical industry and silicic acid industry, the production process is more complex, so the technology applied is relatively more. A variety of processing processes need some specific equipment to operate normally and quickly. For example, in road building industry, by: The object of equipment application is different sizes of stones for road construction, and different sizes of stones for different layers of pavement are different, so some inconsistent stones need to be reformed. Larger stones need to be crushed into smaller ones by a gravel crusher to meet the needs of road maintenance and construction. The design of some parts of the gravel crusher is amazing.
One of the core components of the gravel crusher is called bowl tiles. As the name implies, its structure is similar to the bowl in our life. Generally, the shape of bowl is conical. The crusher with this structure has the characteristics of large crushing force, high efficiency, high handling capacity, low operating cost, convenient adjustment, economical use, etc. The crusher technology of this bowl-shaped mechanism, or the bowl-shaped tile device of the crusher.
The utility model is characterized in that the lower part of the main shaft of the crusher is provided with an eccentric sleeve, the bowl-shaped tile heat sleeve is on the upper part of the main shaft, and the spherical copper hot sleeve crusher body is on the middle of the crusher frame. The eccentric sleeve rotates around the main shaft, and the torque generated by the rotating eccentric sleeve drives the body to swing on the bowl-shaped tile.
Compared with the general existing technology, the installation and maintenance are convenient, because the bowl-shaped bearing rack parts are omitted, the heating and disassembly of the bowl-shaped bearing rack and its bowl-shaped tile are avoided, which is laborious, and the bowl-shaped bearing rack is deformed, and the bowl-shaped tile can not be installed, so that the life of the bowl-shaped tile is increased, the life of the machine equipment is increased and the production cost is greatly reduced. It is worth popularizing and applying in the industrial fields of metallurgy, building materials and so on.

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