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Main types of copper sets

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Main types of copper sets

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There are many kinds of copper axle sleeves, for different customers, different needs can be met. So what are the main categories?
1. Oil-free lubrication
This kind of copper bushing can only work in the working environment without lubricating oil or with a small amount of lubricating oil, so it is more suitable for some equipment which need not be maintained and maintained. The copper bushing has strong wear resistance and less friction times. It can be used for a long time without lubricating oil and has a long service life. In addition, copper bushing also has elastic-plastic characteristics, it can increase the bearing capacity, when the machine runs at low speed, it can avoid some friction, the effect is relatively good. Make the equipment appear higher in accuracy, and can also reduce noise, prevent pollution, can effectively reduce vibration.
2. Boundary lubrication
The wear resistance of the copper bush is relatively good. It is suitable for working under high load and can also be used in low speed rotation and swing process. Copper axle sleeves like this need to be maintained regularly in the work. Lubricating oil should be added within the prescribed time range and can be used as a backup when driving.
3. Solid mosaic
This kind of copper bushing belongs to the type of million gold oil. It is also a kind of common copper bushing, which can be well adapted to different working environments. In a variety of mechanical equipment can achieve the desired results. Copper axle sleeves like this are still quite common in today's market and are used more. It is widely used.
Different types of copper bushes have different performances. When choosing to buy, you can choose which type is suitable for you.

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