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Eccentric sleeve action of rotary crusher

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Eccentric sleeve action of rotary crusher

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 Eccentric sleeve action of rotary crusher

  The eccentric sleeve of rotary crusher is driven by triangular belt pulley, elastic coupling and bevel gear. The eccentric sleeve rotates in the steel bushing of the central sleeve of the seat, and the sleeve is simply connected with the seat by four stiffeners. Manganese steel guard plates and sleeves are laid on the top of ribs and transmission sleeves to prevent falling ore from breaking ribs and sleeves. The whole inner surface of the eccentric sleeve and the outer surface of the thicker side of the eccentric sleeve (i.e. the side under crushing pressure) are all cast with Bar's alloy. A ring is arranged on the inner wall of the eccentric sleeve in order to make the Babbitt alloy firmly adhere to the eccentric sleeve.

  Construction of eccentric sleeve of rotary crusher

  The taper bearing of eccentric sleeve of rotary crusher consists of three thrust discs. The steel disc above is connected with the large bevel gear fixed on the eccentric sleeve. When it rotates, it rotates along the bronze disk in the middle, and the bronze disk rotates along the steel disk below. The steel disc below is pinned to the upper end of the central sleeve to prevent its rotation.

  In order to prevent the dust from entering the friction surfaces inside the rotary crusher and mixing into the lubricating oil, a sealing device consisting of three rings with spherical surface is installed at the lower end of the crushing cone. The sleeve rings are fixed on the crushing dimension by screw, and the sleeve rings are arranged on the pressure neck of the central sleeve. Between them, the skeleton rubber oil seals are installed, and the upper sleeve rings are freely pressed on the sleeve rings. The sealing device is more reliable, and the dust is not easy to enter the crusher through the gap between the rings.

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