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Classification of Centrifugal Casting

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Classification of Centrifugal Casting

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There are two kinds of casting moulds used in centrifugal casting, i. e. metal and non-metal moulds. Non-metallic moulds can be sand moulds, shell moulds, melt moulds, etc. Because the metal mould has a series of advantages in mass production and batch production, it is widely used in centrifugal casting.

  According to the structural characteristics of the main body, the metal mould on the horizontal cantilever centrifugal casting machine can be divided into two types: single-layer metal mould and double-layer metal mould. In single-layer metal mold, the mold wall is composed of one layer. The single-layer metal mold is simple in structure and easy to operate, but it needs to make a new mold to start production after it is damaged. In this mold, only a single outer diameter casting can be poured. In the double-layer metal mold, the mold wall consists of two layers, and the casting is formed on the inner surface of the mold. Although the structure of double-layer metal mold is complex, centrifugal castings with various external diameters can be cast by changing the working surface size of the inner mold. After long-term work, the old mould can be used as a new one only by replacing the simpler inner mould.

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