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Maintenance and Maintenance of Mine Equipment

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Maintenance and Maintenance of Mine Equipment

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1) To maintain and protect the performance and technical status of equipment, it is called equipment maintenance and maintenance by means of general methods such as wiping, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment. There are four main requirements for equipment maintenance:

  (1) Cleaning equipment is clean inside and outside. There is no oil pollution in sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, oil hole and other places. There is no oil leakage and air leakage in all parts. Chips, debris and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned up.

  (2) The neat tools, accessories and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly, and the pipelines and lines should be organized.

  (3) Good lubrication, timely refueling or oil change, continuous oil, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, bright oil marking, smooth oil path, oil quality meet the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, felt clean;

  (4) Safely abide by safety operating rules, do not overload the use of equipment, equipment safety protection devices are complete and reliable, timely elimination of unsafe factors.

  Maintenance of equipment generally includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular inspection and precision inspection. Lubrication and cooling system maintenance of equipment is also an important part of equipment maintenance.

  (2) Daily maintenance of equipment is the basic work of equipment maintenance, which must be institutionalized and standardized. Regular maintenance of equipment should be formulated work quota and material consumption quota, and assessed according to the quota. Regular maintenance of equipment should be included in the assessment content of the workshop contractual responsibility system. Periodic inspection of equipment is a planned preventive inspection. Besides human senses, the means of inspection should also have certain inspection tools and instruments, which are carried out according to the periodic inspection card. Periodic inspection is also called periodic inspection. Precision inspection should also be carried out for mechanical equipment to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.

  (3) Equipment maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with maintenance regulations. Equipment maintenance rules are the requirements and regulations for the daily maintenance of equipment. Persisting in the implementation of equipment maintenance rules can prolong the service life of equipment and ensure safe and comfortable working environment. Its main contents should include:

  (1) The equipment should be neat, clean, firm, lubricated, anticorrosive, safe and so on, including its working contents, working methods, tools and materials used, standards met and matters needing attention;

  (2) The parts, methods and standards of routine inspection, maintenance and regular inspection;

  (3) Examining and evaluating the contents and methods of maintenance equipment of operators.

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