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Daily Maintenance of Bowl liner

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Daily Maintenance of Bowl liner

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1. Contact with spare parts
In the ordinary work, the bowl-shaped tile should be inspected regularly, mainly to check its contact with parts and components, whether it is appropriate. The contact between the bowl-shaped tile and the outside should not be too large. We should check the contact status between the bowl-shaped tile and the parts regularly and ensure that the machine can operate normally.
2. Looseness
In the process of maintenance, it depends on whether the bowl-shaped tile has loosened or not. The main reason is that it is fixed firmly. These problems often cause people's attention. If there is loosening phenomenon in the fixing between the bowl-shaped tile and the bowl-shaped bearing part, it is necessary to recast the bowl-shaped tile in time and not in the loosening situation. If we continue to work, we should try our best to avoid unnecessary accidents, so we should examine them carefully.
3. Treatment of Lubricating Oil
As for the treatment of lubricating oil for bowl-shaped tile, it should be checked regularly, slightly neglected will make the wear of bowl-shaped tile more serious, thus reducing the smoothness of the bowl surface, so there may be some cracks, at this time it must be replaced and treated.
4. degree of fit
When the mechanical equipment is in operation, the coordination degree between the bowl-shaped tile and the bowl-shaped bearing part is better, which makes the tightness higher and the operation efficiency higher. If the tightness is not high in operation, it is easy to produce collision, poor internal contact and other undesirable phenomena, which should be paid more attention to in operation. In addition, efforts should be made to avoid some debris or dust into the mechanical interior, which will make wear rate higher, lubrication effect lower, so in the process of operation to maintain the clean environment.
In the daily use of bowl-shaped tile, it should be regularly maintained and maintained, so as to prolong its service life, if there is damage, it should be replaced in time.

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