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Common Problems in Copper Casting Processing

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Common Problems in Copper Casting Processing

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It is normal for copper castings to have air holes in their processing, if they are exterior, because when copper is not processed, the pressure exerted on the die is not large, and the roughness of the die is also the same, which generally does not affect the product. If there are air holes in the product, that's the problem of copper casting.

  It is possible to use pure iron as a mould for casting copper castings, but the mould is not durable. In factories, heat-resistant die steel is used to process high-temperature parts. The commonly used heat-resistant steel is 3Cr2W8V steel. Dies made with this kind of die steel can be used for a long time. In the process of repeated alternating high temperature and cooling, the surface cracks of the dies made of other steels will appear quickly, which will affect the surface quality of the castings. Therefore, if the quantity is not large, it doesn't matter much to make mould with pure iron. But if the quantity is large, it is better to use heat-resistant steel to make the mould.

  The purity of copper is the main difference. The purity of electrolytic copper is relatively high. Pure copper is suitable for stretching, and oxygen-free copper is suitable for wire, net and other cables.

  Other copper materials are mainly copper alloys, copper and zinc, tin, lead and other alloys.

  The hardness of the alloy increases, such as the brass of the copper-zinc alloy with a higher copper content of 62%, which is suitable for grinding, cutting, drilling and planer. But it's not suitable for stretching.

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