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Machining and Manufacturing of High Precision Copper Sheath

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Machining and Manufacturing of High Precision Copper Sheath

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  The working life of copper sleeve dies: the irrational structure and grain size caused by heat treatment lead to the decline of main properties such as toughness, cold and hot fatigue properties and wear resistance, which affect the working life of dies.

  Manufacturing cost of copper sleeve die: As the intermediate or final process of die manufacturing process, cracking, deformation and performance of copper sleeve die caused by heat treatment are excessive. In most cases, the die will be scrapped, even if it can be repaired, it will increase the working hours, prolong the delivery time and increase the manufacturing cost of the die. It is the close relationship between heat treatment technology and die quality that makes these two technologies promote each other and improve together in the process of modernization. In recent years, vacuum heat treatment technology, surface strengthening technology of copper sleeve dies and Pre-hardening technology of die materials have been developed rapidly in the world.

  The manufacturing accuracy of copper sleeve dies: uneven transformation of structure, incomplete and excessive residual stress caused by heat treatment cause the deformation of dies in the process of processing, assembly and use of dies after heat treatment, thus reducing the accuracy of dies and even scrapping them.

  Strength of die: improper formulation of heat treatment process, nonstandard heat treatment operation or incomplete state of heat treatment equipment, resulting in the strength (hardness) of the treated die not meeting the design requirements

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