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Copper castings manufacturer batch supply rubber equipment c

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Copper castings manufacturer batch supply rubber equipment c

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  Basic description:

  1. The application of solid copper gasket in vacuum flange has a prominent effect.

  2. The softness of copper gasket can fill the uneven surface of flange.

  3. Copper gaskets are easy to process and can be produced in any size and type.

  4. Description:

  Purple copper gasket is commonly known as anaerobic copper. Solid copper gasket is machined by mechanical cutting. Its excellent softness can fill the uneven parts of flange surface. It has a wide range of application temperature and low leakage. We provide solid copper gaskets of various specifications and types. At the same time, we choose different copper products to manufacture gaskets according to customer requirements, such as copper, brass and so on. Performance of copper gasket: service temperature: 500 C, melting point: 1083 C, hardness: before quenching (> 60HB), after quenching (< 45HB)

  Purple copper gasket has good sealing performance. It can be processed into various semi-finished products and finished products by cold and thermoplastic processing to ensure that the metal surface and flange sealing surface are closely adhered to each other. The maximum applicable temperature is 800 degrees. Applicable pressure 2.0 Mpa-42 mpa. The purpose of annealing copper gaskets is to soften them. When bending is needed to prevent fracture and shrinkage (pipes), annealing is required. If it is only sealed, no annealing is required. Installation can be sealed as long as it is tightened. You can try it out and get the result. Copper gasket is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, electric power, shipbuilding and pipelines, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, condensers, towers, manholes, hand holes and other flange joints for static sealing. Because of its high mechanical strength, convenient use and good compression resilience, it is more suitable for application in severe temperature alternation occasions. High quality copper sheet has good weldability. It can be processed into semi-finished products and finished products by cold and thermoplastic processing. Precision turning by NC lathe ensures that the sealing surface is straight and not warped. High precision grinding ensures that the metal surface and the flange sealing surface are closely adhered. The room temperature tensile strength of annealed sheet is 22-25 kg/mm 2, the elongation is 45-50%, and the Brinell hardness (HB) is 35-45. It can meet various requirements of quenching and pickling of customers. Material selection at temperatures below 400 C: copper Hpb59-1, H62, H65, H68 (RoHS) environmental protection copper, copper, silicon bronze, various aluminum bronze, tin bronze, manganese bronze, manganese brass, chromium zirconium copper, etc. Because it is necessary to test the sealing effect of copper gaskets, it is necessary to test the flatness of both sides without depressions, deformations, cracks and scratches. This gasket is made of copper, named for its purple red color. It is not necessarily pure copper, and sometimes a small amount of deoxidizing elements or other elements are added to improve the material and properties, so it is also classified as copper alloy.

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