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The Disadvantage of Copper Sheath Maintenance on Mechanical

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The Disadvantage of Copper Sheath Maintenance on Mechanical

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 Copper sleeve life is short, we will often have to repair copper sleeve, maintenance must be disassembled to ensure that the cost of maintenance can be reduced, direct maintenance of mechanical equipment will have a great chance of causing equipment damage or copper sleeve directly scrapped. Here we introduce some disadvantages of mechanical equipment maintenance.

  According to the actual operation situation, copper sleeve is difficult to reach 4 years, but copper alloy metal has been safe operation for more than 5 years. Operation management door speed. The wear and tear of the unit is aggravated by long-term low speed operation. The operation experience data are investigated. The braking speed of most units is 15%~20% of the rated speed, but not 10%. Some domestic manufacturers unilaterally publicize the advantages of fluororesin tile, recommend braking below 10% of rated speed, or even allow inert stop. From the point of view of safety, it is generally considered that the input speed should be reduced to about 20% of the rated speed. Alarm and accident stop temperature adjustment.

  Therefore, alarm temperature and accident shutdown temperature must be adjusted accordingly. On the basis of normal high and stable tile temperature, copper sleeve foundries suggest that the alarm temperature should be increased by 4 ~6 C and the shutdown temperature should be increased by 2 ~3 C. In the process of operation, the temperature of fluoroplastic tile is the main means to monitor its normal operation. Mainly monitor the range of ceramic tile temperature change, master the law of ceramic tile temperature change in one year, control ceramic tile temperature, ensure the safe operation of the unit.

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