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Cleaning Matters in Late Stage of Copper Tile Processing

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Cleaning Matters in Late Stage of Copper Tile Processing

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Cone crusher copper bush die casting later cleaning we must be strictly treated, cone broken are large equipment, so the fittings inside is also a large fittings, as a foundry, we must do a good job of copper castings later processing, which directly represents the image of a company, after all, I am outside. They all look at the appearance of the product, so the cleaning of copper tile is not important, but it is an indispensable process. So what should we do in the later cleaning? We have prepared the following cleaning for you.

  There are two kinds of cleaning in the later stage of die casting for copper bush of cone crusher. In mass production, we need to use mechanical cleaning; in the face of some small batches or individual, we use manual cleaning directly instead of restarting the equipment.

  1. Punch cleaning, the so-called cleaning is the use of similar copper tile appearance, the punch die installed in the press, to wash runners, overflow slots, flying edges or burrs, its advantages are high production efficiency, low labor intensity, suitable for large-scale cleaning.

  2. Sawing machine cleaning, this is mainly the internal control of my copper tile cleaning, sawing machine to remove the internal control of the thicker position or central gate, this can also be used lathe, milling machine to complete.

  3. Drum cleaning, the use of this kind of cleaning more restrictions, mainly for those simple shape, large batch and small size of copper tile, they will be used to clean, copper tile at the same time loaded with various shapes of abrasive, wet or dry grinding, drum rotation is 10-20r/min.

  4. Spiral vibration grinder, listen to the name of everyone should know that this is a need for high-tech requirements of the operation, its principle is the use of spiral flow, three-dimensional vibration processing principle. It is suitable for surface finishing of large and medium size parts. In the process of finishing, the parts are not destroyed, and the original shape and size accuracy are maintained.

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