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Defects and Notices of Copper Casting

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Defects and Notices of Copper Casting

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  Copper sleeve foundries need to know and master a lot of casting processes. We need to know what effect each process produces. The process is to be worked out in advance before any product is produced. Today we mainly introduce some shortcomings of metal mould casting which is often used by copper sleeve manufacturers.

  We have already introduced the advantages of metal mould casting in copper sleeve casting. We can search the previous articles if we want to see. This time, we mainly explain the disadvantages of metal mould casting.

  1. The cost of metal mould casting is relatively high and the production cycle is very long, so it can only be used in batch production.

  2. The copper sleeve cast by metal mould has no retreat and air permeability. The casting produced by metal mould is also prone to cracks and pore defects.

  3. The dimension accuracy and surface quality of cast copper sleeve are lower than those of die casting. The wall thickness of copper sleeve can not be too thin, and it is generally larger than 2 mm.

  We also need to know some precautions for copper sleeve metal mould casting. Before starting, we must be familiar with its structure and process, and check whether any workpiece is in place. Then we need to clean some impurities such as burrs and dust in the cavity and core. And then it's going to be heated.

  After we all know the above steps, we can cast the copper sets we need according to the process. As a copper set manufacturer, we promise every customer that every product we make will make the corresponding casting process according to the requirements you provide. We want to let none of the products come out of us. Can meet customer requirements. Any defect we will deal with unconditionally for you. Welcome to Haishan Machinery, Xinxiang City

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