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What should we pay attention to when annealing copper castin

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What should we pay attention to when annealing copper castin

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 Annealing is an important step in copper sleeve casting. Only by holding the annealing process well, can we determine the strength and wear resistance and compression resistance of copper sleeve after cooling. So annealing is a highly technical work. We should master this annealing process skillfully.

  An important parameter of annealing in copper sleeve casting is heating temperature. The selection of annealing temperature is controlled by the phase diagram of copper alloy. Different phase diagrams of copper alloy will have different shapes. It is necessary to confirm the correct diagrams in order to ensure the qualifications of annealing.

  Here are two methods of annealing: 1. Diffusion annealing, which is mainly used in tin bronze sleeve, silicon bronze sleeve, aluminum bronze sleeve casting annealing methods. Specific method is to heat each element of the copper sleeve alloy to the high temperature of the phase line, etc. after thorough melting, the temperature is slowly lowered, so that each element in the alloy will diffuse in solid state, so as to reduce segregation. So the temperature of diffusion annealing is too high. In order to diffuse the temperature of each element as soon as possible, the holding time should be shortened.

  2. Gravity annealing, which is mainly used in balanced heating and cooling. Literally, we should change our understanding to let the gravity of these elements annealed first, and drive the annealing of other elements. This should be noted is to slow heating or cooling, too fast will cause gravity annealing uncontrollable elements.

  This is two kinds of annealing methods. After annealing and cooling, a transparent film will be formed. This film will have good anti-oxidation and discoloration ability to the copper sleeve. This is some of the advantages and precautions of annealing for copper sleeve casting.

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