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Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of Copper Tiles

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Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of Copper Tiles

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 Mechanical copper tile is a kind of mechanical fittings needed by many equipment, so how should we do it in peacetime maintenance? Careful maintenance can make castings use longer. Here is how to maintain the copper tile in peacetime.

  1. Copper tiles should be stored in relatively dry places. Attention should be paid to the humidity control of the storage places. As far as possible, they should not be exposed to dust and oily substances, which will directly cause the corrosion of copper tiles.

  2. Copper tile transportation, storage and transportation in our warehouse, or long-distance transportation of our copper tile need to pay attention to the problem, first of all, to remove the surface of copper tile stains, in the process of processing will produce many stains. Care should be taken not to contact with hands directly when handling. Hands are prone to sweat. Sweat will directly cause corrosion and discoloration of copper tile.

  3. Copper tile cleaning, in some dust-free workshop, when loading equipment, it is necessary to completely clean, cleaning methods we can choose to use distilled water plus neutral soap, do not use some chemical cleaning. Conditions permit you to find a professional to clean it.

  4. In the use of mechanical equipment, we should pay attention to the change of copper tile. Once there is a copper disease, we should maintain or replace it in time, so as to protect the safety of equipment.

  Above is our Xinxiang Haishan Machinery on the maintenance of copper tile some insights, you have any questions can pay attention to our website, 24 hours a day to serve you.

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