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Characteristics of Tin Bronze castings

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Characteristics of Tin Bronze castings

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 The tin content of processed tin bronze generally does not exceed 8%. Under production conditions, copper-tin alloy is in non-equilibrium crystallization process. It can be seen from the graph that the solidification temperature range of the alloy is enlarged, the area of alpha phase is narrowed, and the delta phase is not decomposed. In the casting of tin bronze, the structure of alpha+ (alpha+epsilon) does not generally appear, but that of alpha+ (alpha+delta). (a+delta) is a eutectoid and delta is a hard and brittle phase. When the content is high, it will damage the shape of the alloy.

  What are the characteristics of tin bronze castings? 1. The solidification temperature range of tin bronze is large (up to 150-160 C), dendrite segregation is serious, and no concentrated shrinkage cavity is formed during solidification. The compactness of castings is poor. 2. Reverse segregation is easy to occur during solidification of alloys. 3. In liquid alloy, tin can easily react with oxygen to form hard and brittle inclusions, which will reduce the mechanical properties of the alloy. Full deoxidation is necessary in smelting. 4. Tin bronze is segregated seriously and should be annealed uniformly before shaping. The combination of two phases with higher tin content and (alpha+beta) state at high temperature can be hot-moulded because the beta phase has enough high temperature moulding.

  Processing. 5. Tin bronze is very sensitive to overheating and gas, can be well welded and brazed, impact does not produce sparks, non-magnetic, cold resistance, and has very high wear resistance.


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